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Vocational Education is compulsory in today’s completion world. India is a growing country & to make India powerful, we required skilled manpower. For this we required right education, so Shatrunjay Group has started education services to create & develop human skills, employment- Entrepreneurs which is affiliated with Ministry of labour & Employment, New Delhi (Govt. Of India) and Maharashtra State Board Of Vocational Education, Mumbai.



To upgrade the quality of our vast human resource, so that they can work creatively and produce development. Education must lead to development, and not just supply the manpower needs brought out by development.

We already have a vast educational system. It covers large number of primary schools, secondary schools and extends to a large number of universities

What most of our coming out of education, at any level, lack is the capability to act?
They have information but do not know how and when to use it. If they get any idea.
One solution to this, is to give them VOCATIONAL EDUCATION.

we are not thinking of vocational training for one stream, but to increase the vocation oriented components
of all education for all students. This is what Mahatma Gandhi intended in his “Nai Talim” system; this is what was recommended by the Kothari Commision report through “work experience” and “Socially Useful Productive Work”

The aim of vocationalisation of education is to give him the-skills and confidence that he can make and build things, that he can act on his ideas and that he can acquire many more abilities through his own effort.

Directorate Of Vocational Education & Training, Mumbai ( DVET ) has been established in 1984. Previously it was the part of Directorate of Technical Education. But due to the increase in the number of ITIs, Technical HighSchools & +2 Level Junior Colleges, decision of establishing separate Direcotrate has been taken for the effective implementation of Vocational Education & Training Schemes in Maharashtra.

This Directorate has been further divided into

  1. Director, Training
  2. Director, vocational Education

Director, Training looks after the various schemes related with CTS [ IITs ], ATS, MES & other important schemes & Director, Vocational Education looks after the schemes related to Pre S.S.C. Level Vocational Education, +2 Level Vocational Education, Certificate Courses of MSBVE & other important Schemes.

At State Government Level, all these schemes are monitored by Department of Higher & Technical Education.

At Central Government Level, these schemes under Director, Training are monitored by Ministry of Labour & Employment, DGET, New Delhi. Whereas schemes under Director, Vocational Education are monitored by Ministry of Human Resource Department, New Delhi.

Shatrunjaygroup is running vocational educations centers in different education area’s.



It’s a place for School going kids, where Education and Entertainment go hand in hand. We have designed courses especially for school going kids, so as to shape their career right from the beginning. Here children learn computer education right from small age. The course has been designed in such a way so that the children learn the computer having fun. School education is made easier through interactive CD’s. the Company has developed its own Educational CD’s right from Standard 1st to Standard 8th. The CD’s have been designed using animations and movies along with sound effect this helps the children to visualize the topic they are learning and helps them easily understand.

Computer Education program along with free of cost E-Learning system covering school syllabus to the 22000 children of Mahapalika Schools.


  • 45 Muncipal Corporation Schools, Sangli
  • Gujarathi High School, Sangli.
  • New High School, Kupwad.
  • A. B. Patil English School, Sangli.
  • Emanual English School, Sangli
  • Damani High School, Sangli.
  • Nutan Marathi Vidya Mandir, Sangli
  • Modern English School, Sangli


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